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Fast, affordable, and actionable analysis that will accelerate your growth.


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Expert fundraisers help you turn insight into action.


Increase revenue and donor retention.

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We’ve made it easy for you to understand the health of your fundraising program, and give you the tools you need to make improvements.  In 3 clicks you’ll uncover:

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Take the guesswork out of donor selection.

Smart segmentation starts with DonorScores™.  
10 predictive models allow you to quickly and accurately target:

  • ⊕   Likely Upgrades
  • ⊕   Monthly donors
  • ⊕   Lapsed Reactivations
  • ⊕   Donors to contact in each campaign to Optimize Net Revenue
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Our fundraising experts work with you to quickly turn your donor data into fundraising recommenations and action.

We hear it all the time.  “There’s a lot of data, but no information.”  Not with DonorTrends!  Every report and score is built to improve revenue and retention.

  • Custom Fundraising Action Plan.
  • On-screen results discussion with fundraising experts.
  • Detailed plan calculating bottom-line impact.
  • Actual list of your donors that are in recommendations / strategic action plan.
  • Fundraising Analyst On-demand [Meet Lewis!]

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