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DonorTrends joins EveryAction family
June 6, 2019


DonorTrends has joined forces with EveryAction.com on a mission to make Data Do Good.  Learn more.

In 2008, a fundraising pioneer, an actuary, and a veteran fundraising marketing guru walked into a bar…
During their lively discussion, they became more outraged at the mounting challenges nonprofits faced. Declining acquisition rates.  Climbing production costs.  Plummeting donor retention rates.  Increasing competition.
Organizations need, and should demand, access to basic resources to increase efficiency.  No longer were they going to sit idle as so many nonprofits were in urgent need of help.   They could do something about it … and did.
DonorTrends launched with a mission to help nonprofit organizations of all sizes maximize donations and net revenue by providing affordable tools that turn their donor data into fundraising action.
Today, DonorTrends is proud to work alongside thousands of fundraisers in hundreds of nonprofit organizations around the world.  No matter how big this movement becomes, it will always be guided by 5 founding principles:

DonorTrends is an independent research and analytics company with no axe to grind.  We’re not selling CRMS or software or counsel.  We exclusively provide proven, actionable fundraising intelligence.

We are you.  DonorTrends was founded by fundraisers who have served the community for decades.  As you would expect, we employ the most sophisticated analysts and analytic programs available.  But what is most important to you is that our analytics are informed by decades of experience from the most successful and proven fundraisers in the world.

We believe every fundraiser [marketer] should demand easy access to basic metrics.  DonorTrends makes it FREE and easy to calculate donor retention and lifetime value metrics in minutes.

Every predictive model is PROVEN using YOUR OWN RESULTS so that we are absolutely sure what we predict what will actually happen.  Unlike other analytic service we believe you should understand how data intelligence will impact your bottom-line before making any decisions.  DonorTrends will work alongside you to ensure that the data you use will improve results – guaranteed.

DonorTrends operates on a ‘No Black Box Guarantee.’  That is, we don’t shroud any of this in mystery.  We tell you, in as much detail as you wish, the what’s and how’s of the process we follow to improve your bottom-line.




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Connect with Us

 Roger Craver

If the Direct Response world was Hollywood, Roger would be Kevin Bacon.  It’s hard to find a fundraiser who does not have some connection to Roger.  An admired and respected marketing guru, Roger has been building, exploring, and agitating the direct response world for 40+ years.  His unmatched experience with nonprofit organizations, coupled with a track record of building successful ‘technology companies’,  is a priceless variable in the DonorTrends formula.

Ben Miller

An actuary scientist and statistician, Ben has revolutionized how nonprofits apply math-based concepts to fundraising.  His dedication to science-based solutions is unrivaled.

Caity Craver

“Whatever she’s selling I’ll buy it because she’s so passionate about it.”  We hear this a lot.  Caity is the heart of DonorTrends and has been a dedicated champion for 18+ years for turning donor data into dollars.